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Run Happy – Brooks Running Shoes Fan for Life!

I am such a huge fan of Brooks Running shoes, some people might think I work for them or I’m an official ambassador for them. I’m actually just a hardcore fan. I got my first pair of Brooks Defyance running shoes back in 2007 after my Team in Training coach told me I should really ditch my uncomfortable Adidas running shoes. I went into Team in Training with no experience in running and definitely no insight into the right shoes for me.

I remember walking into Foot Traffic downtown and having to do a gait analysis. I felt like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The employee put me in Nike, Saucony, Asics, Adidas, and last but not least, Brooks. The moment I put them on, I knew they would be a perfect fit. I dumped my Outlet-purchased Adidas I bought just for the brand, and dived right in with the Brooks Defyance. I felt I finished strong running in them in my first half marathon – the Rock n Roll Arizona Half Marathon!

Ever since I wore those Defyance, I bought each new model that came out. I would typically buy three Brooks Defyance running shoes each year, and it didn’t matter if they were even the same color each time. It worked for me. Here’s a small sample of the Brooks Defyance I’ve owned in the past five years:

Throughout the years, I would openly promote Brooks running shoes to my friends, family members, half marathon newbs, co-workers, and definitely all over Twitter and Facebook. I’ve converted some people – including my twin, Christy!

I have recently stepped out of my comfort zone, though. Don’t worry, I would never leave Brooks. I just switched over to Brooks Ravenna 3! So far, I love it. I’m only running my short weekday miles in them but they make me feel like I’m floating when I run! I decided to give them a try after wearing a defective Brooks Defyance pair that I purchased last December. I’ll try running more than 5 miles in them and see how I really feel then!

About Brooks Ravenna 3 (from their website):

 Perfectly bridging the gap between Neutral and Support, the Ravenna 3 hits the sweet spot for a large number of runners. With a new last and adjustable midfoot saddle, expect a close fit that provides just the right amount of support for mild pronation. Underfoot features include Flextra technology, which offers optimal stiffness during the propulsion phase, and enhanced Omega Flex Grooves for more flexibility.
I just wish I was sample size (I believe it’s size 8 ) to be a lab rat for their Sports Wear Testing Program. Then I don’t have to try on Brooks every time I go into a running store “just because”. Hook a sista up 🙂


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