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Training Schedules

Everyone has a different training schedules they follow – Runner’s World, Hal Higdon, Couch to 5k, there’s so many options! For my past few half marathons and last couple marathons, I followed my training schedule from that also has a half marathon schedule. I personally love it and it has helped me get through training efficiently and I try to follow it religiously. Of course, life happens and I might miss a few short runs but I almost never miss a long run!

My friend Sarah follows Hal Higdon and I will look into that for my NYC Marathon training!

For now, this is the schedule I’m following for my half marathons. This adjusts as I have a half marathon in consecutive months!

This is the marathon schedule I may incorporate into my upcoming marathon!

And here’s actual notes I took down last time I was training for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco 🙂 I was bonkers and tried to follow this schedule religiously. If I missed a run, I would flip out.

Which training schedule do you swear by? What do you recommend I should look into?

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