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Married to the Outdoors

The title could mean so many things but I am happy to announce I recently got engaged! I promise my readers I won’t get too lovey dovey, but I am beyond happy that I can’t keep it a secret!

My boyfriend of four years proposed to me on March 22, 2014 at one of my favorite places in the world – Smith Rock! It was the best day of my life (so far :)) and very romantic. I will try to make it brief.

Geoff, Yogi, and I hiked up along Misery Ridge Trail which is a challenging steep hike to the summit. Once we hiked to the summit, Geoff took a million photos of me and I had no idea why. I thought he was just testing out his camera and was going to spend another hour taking photos of the incredible views. Here is a photo he took of me checking my phone…so embarrassing, I was probably Instagram-ing (shame on me!):


After 30 minutes at the summmit, Geoff took me to a more secluded area away from the crowd facing beautiful views of the mountain. I jokingly said “this would have been a great place and great day to propose to me”. Let’s be honest here, I wasn’t really joking! He told me we should head back down to our car since it was getting late. I turned around to walk, and then he called my name. I turned around to face him and he was down on his knee, and asked, “Becky, will you marry me?”

Oh my goodness, I freaked out. I was crying for several minutes after I said yes, and of course Geoff has that on camera. I won’t make that video public. Yogi was our only witness and it was the most romantic proposal ever! Here is a photo of me standing in front of Monkey Face, of course Yogi was just as stoked for our engagement!


Here is a photo of us in front of Smith Rock, after we hiked down.


Geoff, my now fianc√©, means the world to me and has inspired me to become the person I am today. Before him, I was a lazy couch potato who would never hike or consider spending my time outdoors. When we began dating, he really motivated¬† me to enjoy the outdoors, whether it meant hiking, surfing, snowboarding, or fishing. Geoff is not a trail runner but I’m trying to convert him!

So happy to be a fiancee and we are looking forward to planning an outdoor wedding in the PNW!



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