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Portland Running: Washington Park area

Yet another running spot every runner from Portland has gone to except me: Washington Park! and the International Rose Test Garden!

I met with my coach, Yassine, on Tuesday for hill repeats workout that started at the Madison Trail. The workout included a warm-up and cool-down run, with a total of 6 miles. After last week’s pretty low-key, slower paced mileage since I was recovering from the Hop Hop Half Marathon, I welcomed a hilly and challenging workout!

As we warmed up, Yassine took us near the Rose Garden which I realized I have never been to. I have been informed this is a great place to get married. It looks gorgeous, even though the roses have not bloomed yet. Take note from the photos from my run:

This was a great place to run filled with hills and beauty. I still need to check out other areas around Washington Park including Hoyt Arboretum and the Portland Japanese Garden.

Where is your favorite place to do hill repeats?


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