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Scouting new running trails at Oxbow Park

My fiancĂ© (ahh, so happy I can say that now!) has been fishing at Oxbow Park several times in the last year and told me about the trails that he thought I would enjoy. I have heard from friends that they go trail running there but haven’t looked into it much.

Saturday was our engagement party so many friends were visiting from out of town, including Clarke and Simone from Tacoma! Geoff suggested we go hike at Oxbow Park as a low-key, easy hike. Since I already ran 10 miles at Leif Erikson trail earlier that day, I was a bit tired to try trail running at Oxbow. However, I will never turn down a hike even if I’m exhausted.

I really liked how the Oxbow Park trails were not that technical from the route we took. Here are some photos of the trails with all of us:

Since I was so tired from running consecutive days, I tried a very light run and thought they were great! I will definitely be back to run a longer distance there or go hiking. Here is a 7.9 mile hike description.

Some more photos from the 2 mile hike we did. It was pouring rain most of the day but we luckily caught sun breaks.

Clarke coined our new nickname as an engaged couple, #Gecky. Oh yes, I used the hashtag.

I look forward to coming back here during the summer to hike or run. The trails were relatively “easy”, not technical, and beautiful view of the Sandy river gorge. Please note that dogs are not allowed. Bummer, since Yogi would have loved it!

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