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Running through Macleay Park in Portland, Oregon

Most of my blog posts will be about trails and other running routes in Portland since this is my city, but wanted to make it clear for readers outside of Oregon!

It’s Monday evening after a fun birthday weekend for one of my very close friends (happy birthday, Rachelle!) in Pacific City. My running scheduled included a 5 miler that was supposed to be light and easy. That’s perfect because I have been thinking about running from Lower Macleay park to Wildwood trails in Forest Park after I went through a similar route backwards at the Animal Athletics social run last Thursday. I can’t believe I have been living in Portland for nearly eight years and never went here until last week!

It’s a fun place to trail run, hike, or stroll through beautiful trails in Portland.

Here is how to get there:

From the north: Take I-5 south to 405 south, go over the Fremont Bridge and take Highway 30 west towards St. Helens, and exit immediately at Vaughn Street. Turn left at the first light onto NW 23rd, then right onto Thurman Ave. Turn right on NW 28th, then an immediate left onto Upshur. The park is 3 blocks up at the end of Upshur.

From the south: Take I-5 north to 405 north, and exit for Highway 30 west towards St Helens, then take the first exit at Vaughn Street. Turn left at the first light onto 23rd, then right onto Thurman Ave. Turn right on NW 28th, then an immediate left onto Upshur. In about three blocks, Upshur ends at Lower Macleay Park.

I decided to start my trail run parked about a block away from the entrance of Lower Macleay Park. It was a gradual small uphill climb along non-technical, easy-for-me trails. But the climb was challenging enough for me this evening. I passed by the beautiful Balch creek and also ran past the slightly creepy Stone House. Here are some photos from this short portion of the run:

Here is the Stone House I mentioned that creeped me out. I never knew the story but saw engagement photos taken from this landmark.

forest park

Stone House in Forest Park

Here is a little history lesson about the Stone House, aka the Witch’s Castle from this source…it involves murder and ghost stories. Creepy, I tell you.

I continued to run up to a trailhead that took me to the Macleay Park trailhead, from there you can cross the street to continue on to Wildwood trail. I had to power hike instead of run at this point but that is all part of trail running! You will eventually get up to Pittock Mansion where you’ll access an amazing viewpoint of Portland. A must-see for all Portland locals and visitors!

Overall, it was a solid run that included beautiful scenery, and it was challenging enough as the first run of the week. The route I ran included pavement, gravel, dirt paths, rocky terrain, gradual uphill, and small amount of single track.

I even stopped to take photos with my camera. I am upgrading to a nicer, “rugged” camera soon so I’ll be sure to share higher quality photos in the near future!

Are there trails in your hood that you’ve never hit up even though you live near them?


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