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New Running Gear

Once in a while, I will get into a phase where I can’t stop myself from buying things I think I NEED, and then try to justify it by calculating approximately how many times I’ll need/wear it throughout the year. This phase happens to kick in when I need to be saving for more important matters – getting a new bike (oh shoot, more purchases), saving for trips (hello – NYC? Las Vegas? Maybe Hawaii?), or installing hardwood floors (borrring, but would love them). This past weekend, I thought about all the same ol’ same ol’ running gear I’ve owned.

My handy waterproof North Face running jacket I’ve owned since my first half marathon training season in 2007. Here’s a photo of me wearing this still into 2010 at the Race for the Cure.

Then I thought about the ONLY running shorts I own and wear often (and have to wash often). I am not broke, just lazy (or so I tell myself). Here’s a photo of me wearing my shorts – went bouldering with Christy and Diana! Those are chalk on my shorts, by the way.

I also pin my hair back with just bobby pins which then leave my stringy, greasy, bangs to pop out of the pins. It’s because I am too lazy to buy a running headband. See below a pic of me with Clarissa at the morning of the Nike Women’s Marathon.

Which is WHY I decided to make some new purchases. I wanted new waterproof jacket (it’s still raining in Oregon!), new running shorts, and new headband. I also wanted something to carry my water because I’m too lazy to drink water (but apparently not lazy enough to run 12 miles…). I took an Instagram photo of my new purchases:

I also got a brand new Brooks jacket I scored on sale at Zappos. This is the Brooks Essential Run Jacket in Turquoise – I’ll see how it turns out! I get it this Wednesday.


I will provide a more thorough review once I’ve actually worn them!

Happy running 🙂

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