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Life After PR City: Injuries, PT, Dropping out of Races

Hi readers! It has been a century since I’ve posted. I swear I have been running my butt off since my last post! Only with injuries in between.

Recap on my injuries and life after Hop Hop 1/2 Marathon:

  • After my Hop Hop 1/2 Marathon and PR, I was losing feeling in my right toes when I ran which caused me to overcompensate on my left leg. This resulted in a huge calf bulge.
  • I went to see two different PTs, consulted with my coach, and went to an excellent sports massage therapist. But it took about a month to diagnose my injury: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Since my diagnosis, I had to drop out of three races I registered for: Oregon Nurse Association 5k Race for the Roses 1/2 Marathon and Eugene 1/2 Marathon.
  • I took nearly 2 months off with running about 5 miles a week max and  I was able to race in the the Run for Boston 5k. I PR’d at 25:01!
  • Then I went to Hawaii and started officially training for the Foot Traffic Flat! I had experienced pain here and there but finished the race at 1:57!

Whew, it’s been a crazy 4 months. I’ll update you all soon!


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