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Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon Weekend Recap

A very much belated blog post about my latest race!

I have admittedly been slacking on my blog posts and have no excuses but pure laziness. This isn’t right. I run half and full marathons, I make time to run, but I don’t have time to blog about running? Ridiculous!

My most recent race was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon on May 19th. The weekend was a very busy one full of meeting up with friends, birthday parties, Mexican food, helping friends out, and going to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Expo twice.

On the Friday before the race, I went with friends to pick up my t-shirt, bib, and goodie swag bag at the Expo. I am a huge dork when it comes to Expos because I really enjoy going to every booth learning about all the products that are running or fitness related. I was most excited to see Brooks Running, as the main sponsor, everywhere. I tried my best trying to win new shoes, which I did not accomplish, but I did win new sunnies and a t-shirt. I also loved the technical finisher tee!

I knew I had a busy weekend coming up, so I went with my boyfriend and dog to the river to enjoy the calm before the crazy jam-packed schedule πŸ™‚

Saturday before the race started off with a risky choice of eating Mexican breakfast food the day before a race. My tummy is quite sensitive so I am surprised I even messed around with this, and like I thought, I ended up with a bad tummy ache from all the grease.

Couple hours later I went to Clarissa and Diana’s birthday lunch celebration atΒ  Joe’s Crab Shack! More food πŸ™‚ Diana and I shared a bucket of herb and garlic crab:

After the fun and delicious lunch at the crab shack, I went to the Expo again with Christy to pick up her bib! I was getting nervous just looking at the countdown – eeeks a little over 16 hours away?! I didn’t feel ready.

The Saturday continued with running more errands and also meeting up with Sarah and Joe before the race! I got to talk to them for a few minutes and showed them their engagement present – a customized running medals board! Here’s a photo of Sarah and I:


In the mid-evening, I went to Clarissa and Diana’s other birthday party – fondue party at Sam’s place! Fondue is a bit of a gamble the night before a race, but I made sure to bring sweet potatoes just in case as my carboload meal. I brought bing cherries and ham to the fondue party but made sure to avoid the cheese and stick with chocolate πŸ™‚ so yummy! Here’s a blurry photo from the party:

I capped off the night eating sweet potatoes at home and watching my boyfriend eat delicious Chinese food. Major food envy. Sweet potatoes vs. Chinese food.

Then comes race day…

I overreacted when I thought the race day would be full of crazy traffic as many bridges were closed. It was the inaugural race and had no idea that there was no traffic early in the morning. In fact, I got to downtown Portland at 6:23pm eating sweet potatoes in my car – race started at 8am. But fortunately, the girls were downtown early as well! I met up with Clarissa and Christy downtown to get ready for the race:

The race ended up being a surprisingly hilly 13.1 race! Mixed in with rain. I was not expecting much of either but I was WRONG! I thought the race was more hilly in the whole half marathon than the entire Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco! Good thing I trained a bit on those Happy Valley hills!

I ran with my twin sister the whole time and we finished together at 2:06! That included a few breaks and walks here and there, but for not training as hard, not so bad! I have an amazing photo of my sister and I crossing the finish line holding hands, but I will have to purchase that photo before making it public πŸ™‚

After the race, everyone met up looking for food! But before that, here’s a photo of all of the finishers after the race!

I thought the race was super organized for it’s first race and had an amazing turnout! Although the hills were torturous, I will for sure participate next year!

Happy Running πŸ™‚

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