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Sunny 7 Mile Run with Shade in Track Town USA!


I may have not mentioned this before but I was born and raised in Eugene, OR. Well the embarrassing fact is I was born in Springfield, but close enough! I also went to college in Eugene and attended the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!).

I went down to Eugene aka Track Town this weekend to visit my Mom for Mother’s Day. Reflecting to my Eugene days before moving up to Portland, I realized I never ran in Eugene even though Nike and Prefontaine had its roots here. This is pretty sad, but I decided to make up for it by planning another 7 mile run with my friend, Hannah!

We decided to go meet up to run on Sunday Mother’s Day morning at 7:30am along with my twin, Christy. We were texting each other back and forth trying to decide where to meet up and picked Alton Baker Park to meet up! Using my MapMyRun app, we decided to follow any path that could equal up to 7 miles.

I was super scared it would be hot again like yesterday, but even though we had the same temp as yesterday, there was a ton of shade! Plenty of trees surrounded Alton Baker Park and the path to Autzen Stadium so it helped a lot to have cooler weather. We started at Alton Baker Park, ran past Autzen Stadium trails, went through Franklin Blvd, over the Willamette River, back to Alton Baker Park, down through the trails by Valley River Center, and back to Alton Baker Park 🙂 Super fun and shaded run – also fun catching up with Hannah!

Looking at MapMyRun – we were all over the map 🙂

Here’s one of the places we ran by – Science Factory Children’s Museum and Exploration Dome! Brings back memories!

Here’s a photo of the three of us after we finished our run at Alton Baker Park:

I loved this run more than yesterday because there was a lot more shade, I ate less sweet potatoes this time around, and I wore a bright yellow top instead of black! Made a huge difference! All three of us will be running the Rock n Roll Portland Half Marathon in exactly one week!

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