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Hot Sunny Runs

Yesterday’s 7 mile run was 55 degrees and sunny around 7:30am! It doesn’t seem very warm but I get hot, easily. I’m all about sunny weather in Portland since it rains 80% of the year, but I do prefer light rain or overcast runs over sunny runs. Why? The sun makes me exhausted, dehydrated, and very very hot. I know I shouldn’t complain and it seems like a first world problem, but I need to learn to adapt to sunny weather running.

But stepping back and evaluating the situation, I realized I was a bit under prepared in one of the first super sunny run of the season. Here’s all the stuff I did wrong:

  • I ate sweet potatoes 15 minutes before my run. Although sweet potatoes are my secret weapon for my runs, it’s probably not a good idea to run without digesting your meal.
  • I wore a black Nike running top. This is not good when the sun is directly hitting your shirt. To say I was hot was an understatement, I was HOT.
  • I didn’t drink enough water before my run and certainly didn’t carry any water with me during my run. This NEEDS to change. My friend Sarah (check out her blog!) recommends the Nathan Intensity Race Vest as her hydration vest in her blog post about running gear essentials. I will be looking into this!
  • I wore my Lululemon Slipless headband which is cute but I need to wear my running hat to block the sun from my face.

So even though 7 miles is on the shorter end of my long runs, if it’s a bad one – that means that I came under prepared for my runs.

But since it was such a beautiful day, I busted out my Lululemon Run: Ultra Short II blurred blossoms shorts! It was my first time running in them and I absolutely loved it. It’s not as free flowing as my Nike running shorts but I felt fierce and awesome in it – hot pink and floral and all.

Here’s my outfit for yesterday’s run – my next post is how I corrected my 7 mile run 🙂

I also ended up getting the Lululemon Travel to Track jacket in Rose Quartz and returned my Blurred Blossoms pattern. It felt like a better fit overall and my sleeves. I love it! It’s basically half off on Lululemon now in their “We Made Too Much” section.

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